Polly wanna ... cookie?

Oh hi! Were you looking for cookie policy? Well ... we don’t actually have one. This website does not serve any cookies. It also does not incorporate any services that allow third parties to serve their cookies from our domain.

Privacy (Not a Policy, Just Ethics)

If you email us, we will never use your address for anything other than writing you back. If you call us, we won’t use your number to spam you with advertising offers. If you entrust us with personal or sensitive information, we will store it securely and never share it with anyone. Basically, even though everyone on the internet is constantly saying they value your privacy (while quietly exposing your data to half a dozen resellers), in our case it’s actually true.

A Word about Calendly

We do link from this site to Calendly, which is a service we use to make it easier for our clients to schedule appointments. Alas, we cannot find a way to prevent Calendly from using cookies on their website. The best we can do is label these links.

The parrot will never tell