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We build websites because we're problem solvers. Nothing makes our day like finding a solution to a thorny design problem, or helping a message resonate with a client base. We're on the 4th and 5th generation of websites for many of our oldest clients, and we're as deeply invested in the success of these platforms as they are.


The Brown Wing Studio consists of exactly two people. Robin, who does the design and writes the code, and Brian, who does everything else. This means maximum accountability. The buck stops where it starts.


We have many years of experience working on all kinds of websites. We've worked for artists and corporations, for small businesses and non-profits. We've forged lasting relationships with clients all over the world.


We make websites the way this guy sharpens pencils. We do it by hand. We do it right. And the result is something with an extra edge. We only take a small number of clients at a time so we can fully focus on every project.

Robin Deutschendorf

Robin Deutschendorf

Lead Designer & Code Wrangler

Exposure to DOS at an impressionable age led Robin down the path to computer nerd-dom, but her interest in code was always tempered by a healthy appreciation for aesthetics. With a formal education in the fine arts and a practical education in the nuts and bolts of computing, Robin is comfortable using both sides of her brain. At Brown Wing Studio, she is both website builder and website designer. She loves websites that combine smart design and elegant code.

Brian Deutschendorf

Brian Deutschendorf

CFO & Discourse Maverick

As Chief Financial Officer, Brian balances the books and manages workflow. As Discourse Maverick, Brian's duties are both less well-defined and more important. He is the second opinion and the keen, unbiased eye that can take a fresh glance at a project as it begins to grow over-worked. His definitive lack of education in the visual arts has left him free to express aesthetic opinions unfettered by the after-effects of too many design classes.

Esti Puppy

Esti Deutschendorf

Head of HR & Aussie Everything Assistant

Since her arrival on the scene as a six pound ball of fluff, Esti has shaken things up around BWS headquarters. Full of enthusiasm and optimism, she always sees the best possible outcome. She pushes other team members to take more walks, eat more peanut butter, and remember that snuggles fix basically everything.

  • Nancy says:

    Robin is brilliant in her field. She is a dream to work with.

  • Sean says:

    My two websites have accumulated so many compliments I can't even count them.

  • Conrad says:

    Robin was able to take my ideas and use her skills to respectfully make them better.

  • David says:

    Robin's patience and overall professionalism was impeccable.

  • Jeri says:

    I ended up with a new friend in addition to a website.

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