Step Into the Design Studio

The Brown Wing Studio has a long surface along one wall for sketching and prototyping, a window seat for lounging with a laptop, and a standing desk that supports multiple monitors. It’s a place with art on every wall and sculptures on the surfaces. It’s designed to support focus and craftsmanship. This is where ideas become brands and websites come to life.

Working with Robin isn’t like hiring a design firm. At Brown Wing Studio, we don’t believe in shortcuts or partial efforts or outsourcing. We have no use for the generic or the overused. We approach every project as a unique challenge and always invest the time to create something special.

Inside the studio - illustration of a yellow and black bird with a red face and dark green accent feathers
Portrait of Robin

Robin Deutschendorf

Designer & Writer & Code Wrangler

Robin will admit she’s a little obsessive about maintaining high standards. A lot of her labor is invisible. Whether she’s streamlining the way assets load in the background of a website or ensuring a logo can convert gracefully into a file type most normal people have never heard of (but is very important on the modern web!), she brings a high level of integrity to every aspect of her work. One of her primary goals is shouldering the burden of understanding the ever-changing internet so her clients can focus on other things.

Portrait of Brian

Brian Deutschendorf

CFO & Discourse Maverick

As Chief Financial Officer, Brian balances the books and manages workflow. As Discourse Maverick, Brian's duties are both less well-defined and more important. He is the second opinion and the keen, unbiased eye that can take a fresh glance at a project as it begins to grow over-worked. His definitive lack of education in the visual arts has left him free to express aesthetic opinions unfettered by the after-effects of too many design classes.

Portrait of Esti THE CUTEST Aussie Assitant

Esti Deutschendorf

The Everything Assistant

Since her arrival on the scene as a six pound ball of fluff, Esti has shaken things up around BWS headquarters. Full of enthusiasm and optimism, she always sees the best possible outcome. She pushes our team to take more walks, eat more peanut butter, and remember that snuggles fix basically everything.

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